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  • Environmental Activist Imprisoned in Iran Alleges Torture for Forced Confessions

    6 Feb – Iranian environmental activist, Niloufar Bayani, who has been held for more than a year by IRGC intelligence, alleged in a court session headed by Judge Salavati that she was repeatedly threatened and attacked by authorities, and was forced to make confessions. She said the ‘confessions’ were...

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  • Human Rights Watch Condemns Iran for Mass Arrests and Abuses in Annual Report

    21 Jan – Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized Iran for “widespread arrests” of protesters and activists in its 2019 annual report into human rights violations around the world, citing specifically the thousands of arrests made during the nationwide anti-government protests in the winter of 2018, as well as the...

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  • Iranian Civil Activists Imprisoned Again for Speaking About Their Tortures

    21 Jan – Iranian civic activist Sepideh Qolian and labour leader Esmail Bakhshi, who were tortured during their imprisonment last year, was arrested again on Sunday. In a short tweet, Qolian said: “I’ve been arrested.” Since their release from prison in December, Qolian and Bakhshi, who was initially arrested along with...

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  • 1 Jan – In Tehran on Saturday hundreds of university students joined together in outrage about a bus crash that killed and injured dozens of their peers on December 25th. IRNA, the official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran says that “hundreds of students” are protesting and their...

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