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  • Iran Spends Money on Regional Meddling, Instead of Its Own People

    8 Dec – According to a report released last week, long-held suspicions in the Gulf about Iran’s regional intentions have been confirmed: Tehran has no intention of curbing its meddling and negative influence in the Gulf region. The Arab Strategy Forum’s report entitled, “The Economic Costs and Consequences of...

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  • Iran Hostage Families Call for Urgent Action

    6 Dec – There are a number of American and foreign citizens that are currently being held captive in Iran. One of them is Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent, that disappeared on 9th March 2007 after travelling to Iran’s Kish Island. It is thought that Iranian intelligence officers...

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  • Sugar Mill Workers in Iran Continue Protests Even as Riot Police Arrive at Factory

    22 Nov – Protests at the Haft Tappeh (Tapeh) sugar mill, once a source of national pride that has been struggling financially since it was privatized in 2015, continued as workers stayed with their strike on Saturday, according to reports by labor rights groups in Iran. Periodic strikes and...

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  • For the 65th Time, UNGA Condemns the Iran’s Human Rights Violations

    19 Nov – Iran has been condemned by the 3rd committee of the United Nations General Assembly for its blatant human rights violations. Thursday’s condemnation marks the 65th time that Iran has been called out for its human rights record at the international level. A draft resolution, which was introduced...

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