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  • Iran Admits Christianity Is Growing Despite Repression

    By Pooya Stone The Iranian Intelligence Minister has publically admitted for the first time that Christianity is spreading throughout Iran. During a speech to several Shia Muslim clerics, Mahmoud Alavi said that “Christianity is spreading in parts of Iran”, but tried to dismiss the converts because they were ordinary Iranians “whose...

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  • Iran: Human Right Situation Is Still a Major Concern

    April 25: Iran Human Rights (IHR) has published its 11th annual report on the death penalty in Iran. The death penalty is still be used as a means of punishment in Iran and the rate of execution per capita is very worrying. Iran is one of the few countries in...

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  • Iran Agriculture Decimated by Floods

    ‌By Shahriar Kia The recent flash floods in Iran have caused hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to Iranian agriculture, according to an official on Thursday. The head of the agriculture ministry’s crisis management, Mohammad Mousavi, estimated that the losses to the agriculture sector are 47 trillion rials (about $350...

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