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A Political Prisoner Executed in Iran

A Political Prisoner Executed in Iran

On Wednesday, February 22, the Iranian regime secretly hanged the political prisoner Sarkut Ahmadi from Ravansar, who had been in the Dizelabad prison of Kermanshah for the past two years ago. Mr. Ahmadi, 29, was sentenced to death in January 2021 for the death of a State Security Force Major Hassan Melki. On Monday, February 20, the political prisoner Hassan Abyat was hanged in Sepidar prison of Ahvaz on charges of “waging war on God and corruption on earth”.

On Tuesday, February 21, three prisoners named Vahid Beyzaei, Saadullah Farrokhi, and Amir Ali Bayrami were executed in Urmia Central Prison. In mid-February, at least 15 prisoners were executed in various cities. A woman named Fariba Hosseini, mother of two, was executed in Fardis prison of Karaj on February 14 after 6 years of imprisonment.

On February 21, the judiciary of the mullahs sentenced Jamshid Sharmahd to death. Mr. Sharmahd, who is a German citizen, was kidnapped by the regime in Dubai in August 2020 and taken to Iran.

While condemning these executions, especially the execution of the political prisoner Sarkut Ahmadi, the Iranian Resistance reiterates the need for immediate action by the United Nations and the European Union, and member states to release the political prisoners and save the lives of the prisoners on the death row. The dossier of the crimes of the Iranian regime must be referred to the United Nations Security Council and its leaders, especially its Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Raisi, and Judiciary Chief Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i, must be brought to justice for four decades of genocide and crimes against humanity.