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Execution of 9 Prisoners in 3 Days and Transfer of Death Row Inmates To Solitary Cells for Sentence Implementation

In a continuation of the disturbing trend of prisoner executions, the oppressive regime of Khamenei hanged Jafar Mohammadpour, Ghobad Farhadi, and another prisoner today at Urmia Prison. Yesterday, Houshang Amiri Zadeh met the same fate at Qazvin Central Prison, while Ali-Doust Barahoui faced execution at Zahedan Prison. On Wednesday, June 6th, two Baluch compatriots named Malek Baluch Mahani and Kambeez Barzkar were executed at Kerman Prison, and Einollah Badri Nezhad and Jalal Bazgir met their demise at Karaj Central Prison at the hands of judicial executioners.

The transfer of death row convicts to solitary cells for the implementation of sentences is an ongoing practice. Most recently, on Friday, a female prisoner named Parvin Mousavi, along with two others, were moved to solitary cells at Urmia Prison. Similarly, on Tuesday, three prisoners were relocated to solitary confinement at Shiraz Prison. It has been reported that the regime’s judiciary recently delivered a list of 50 death row prisoners to Kerman Prison for sentence implementation.

The cessation of the oppressive machinery and the abhorrent act of execution signify the downfall of religious fascism. It is evident that Khamenei shows no hesitation in committing these heinous crimes. The lack of action by the international community in response to the escalating wave of executions serves as an incentive for this regime to persist in its crimes against humanity. We urges the United Nations, the European Union, and member countries to take immediate and decisive measures to save the lives of death row prisoners. The leaders of this regime must be held accountable for four decades of crimes against humanity and genocide and brought to justice.

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