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Refugee Resettlement

Resettlement in another country is often the only way political refugees have a chance to rebuild their lives. Every year, thousands of Iranians escape the wrath of the dictatorial regime in Iran. The flow of political refugees from Iran spiked in the mid-1980s and again after the June 2009 popular uprisings in Iran. It is on the rise again after the regime violently suppressed national uprisings in 2018. Escaping medieval oppression, these political refugees, mostly students and women, lack adequate documentation, financial resources, or shelter. They also face daunting challenges awaiting them in their journey and destination. Apart from the scarcity of basic life necessities, they are often targeted by Iranian intelligence agents in foreign countries and thus need protection beyond that which would normally be required for asylum seekers. Since taking power in 1979, Iranian intelligence agents and terrorists have assassinated numerous activists and dissidents abroad. Countless others live in Europe, in bordering Turkey and beyond. They are under constant fear or threat of isolation.

Refugees fleeing oppression must be protected, cared for, and assisted in the process of transition and adjustment to a new life in democratic nations. The U.S. Foundation for Liberty and Human Rights assists the resettlement of these individuals in third countries.

Resettlement Programs are in 3 major areas:

  1. Address Basic and Urgent Needs – We first help political refugees, asylum seekers, and their families by providing basic necessities of life such as shelter, food, and especially health care. We subsequently work to facilitate their social assimilation, access to education or legal counsel, if necessary. Our goal is to work with humanitarian organizations and host governments to ensure that the refugees become self-sufficient as soon as possible.
  2. Build Support Systems – We assist political refugees during the challenging process of overcoming past trauma, in part by providing them avenues of creative expression. As part of this effort, we support cultural events, gatherings, television or internet programming, and sponsor political events, as appropriate. The goal is to develop and expand their support system and social network both in America and in their home countries whenever possible.
  3. Help Refugees Achieve Independence and Self-Sufficiency – Most political refugees, particularly those escaping Iran, are often highly educated individuals who wish to remain connected with the broader community of Diaspora and their home country’s opposition movements. The Foundation helps prepare political refugees for emotional/physical recovery followed by long-term success and integration in their host countries. The Foundation, therefore, offers financial support to credible TV/Internet organizations which can best assist the political refugees in building and/or expanding their social networks. We will also help them learn financial management, understand financial systems, and re-establish professional credentials.

What Can You Do to Help:

Resettled political refugees or those still awaiting resettlement depend on the generosity of people like you. They often flee their homes with few possessions but are full of hope. Thanks to the generosity of strangers, they can regain hope and rebuild their lives in America. You can help ensure that refugees have a chance for a better tomorrow by making a donation.