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  • Iran Protests: “Reformists, Hardliner, The Game is Now Over”

    By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Iran is experiencing a political earthquake. The fault lines are clear: on the one side, the theocratic regime and its suppressive forces; on the other, the Iranian people. At least two dozen cities across the country witnessed large-scale demonstrations on Saturday and Friday against a regime

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  • Iranians defy regime as wave of protest spreads

    January 1-2018-The Times-Older people came out to protest at the plundering of their pensions. Youths vented fury at the high unemployment rate. Others demanded to know why their government was spending billions of pounds each year fighting in Syria while they struggled to pay the rent. This cauldron of simmering

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  • Iran’s latest crackdown on dissent is fueled by UN silence over past crimes

    By Tahar Boumedra January 31, 2018 The Hill-Among analysts and commentators who have been paying attention to the state of affairs in the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is widespread agreement that the fallout from recent protests, which spread to as many as 140 cities across the country, has only

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  • WASHINGTON AND THE WORLD Why the Iranian Uprising Won’t Die

    Even if these protests are snuffed out, a new line has been crossed. There’s no going back. By ALIREZA NADER January 07, 2018 Modern Iran has faced many uprisings, insurgencies and revolutions, from the 1905 Constitutional Revolution to the 1979 revolution to the 2009 Green Uprising. So the mass protests

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